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Movie Review  [Vinnukkum Mannukkum]

Director: Rajakumaran
Cast: Sharat Kumar, Vikram, Khushbu, Devayani, Ramesh Khanna, Mayilsamy.

A youth's obsession for an actress who comes to his village for a shooting, and she mocking him and his family for even daring to think of proposing marriage to her - 'ordinary mortals like you daring to touch a star?' - forms the first part. The second part is about how the youth Selvam, on brother Shaktivel's orders, goes to the city to woo the actress and gets her to marry him. The early part moves at a swift pace, with some humour thrown in. Ramesh Khanna keeps the scenes lively. When the story shifts to the city it turns clichéd. The villain (a film financier) appears, the hero is bashed up and the actress finally learns about 'Love'.

It is a lighter role for Vikram, unlike the intensity seen in 'Sethu'. But Vikram proves that he is equally at home romancing, dancing and fighting. Sharat fits in well with the 'Nattamai' style of character. Devayani is fine, till she puts on the silly wide-eyed-wonder look when she starts 'learning about love'.

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