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Movie Review  [Vivaramana Aalu]

Director: Selva Bharathy
Cast: Sathyaraj, Devayani, Mumtaz, Vivek, Pratap Pothan, Ponnambalam.

Sathyaraj revels in his role of a petty thief who is determined to make it big in life, by hook or crook. Even it means going through a marriage with a stranger, a trusting village belle (Devayani), deserting her soon after and warming his way into the heart of a wealthy heiress (Mumtaz). Of course, he realises his folly by the end of the film. 

Verbal and situational comedy, some of them enjoyable, is packed in. The director makes no bones about catering to the masses.Giving Sathyaraj company is Vivek, straining his voice to a cresendo, fitting in well with the director's requirements. Mumtaz, for a change, has a meaty role, and uses well the opportunity given to her. 

A film meant for Sathyaraj fans!

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